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Tutankhamun's Shoes
Robin Norton-Hale
& Rosabella Gregory


One envies those young people

who will see it in their schools

between now and Christmas.

***** London Theatre1

Engaging and interactive, it combines classical singing with a splash of silliness, ensuring that it entertains and educates the young audience.

The Family Stage

English Touring Opera

Polka Theatre & Autumn School/Museum Tour 2022

Music Director / Piano: Erika Gundesen

Director: Lysanne van Overbeek

Design: Bettina John

Movement Director: Rachel Wise

Costume Supervisor: Emily May Sions

Lighting Design: Lewis Hannaby

Nefertiti: Claire Wild

Meryt / Lady Almina: Judy Louie Brown

Tutankhamun: Keith Pun

Ay / Carter: Adam Maxey

Piano: Oliver Cherrington

Cello: Richard  Phillips

Percussion: Jonny Raper

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